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The songwriter, Don MacBain, writes primarily instrumental pieces, calling upon his skill at the piano and his love of a wistful melody. Classically trained, from the age of 5, he continued playing piano into his teens and went on to minor in music while getting his B.A. in Communications at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

His works first appeared commercially in radio and TV campaigns in the mid 80’s, with one TV spot’s music (La Bailerina, 1985) being finalist for a Clio. In the early 90’s he wrote the original music for playwright Barbara Bishop’s “The Wheel” (L.A. Theatre Artists production starring Bryan Cranston). His first piece appearing in film was for “The Bus” in 1998. His first soundtrack was for the 2006 feature film “Full Clip” (a traditional sounding score for the Busta Rhymes starrer). His first album release was on iTunes under the Mac+Mac Music moniker in 2007 (Rock Ballad – “The Way I Feel Tonight”).

He continues to write for film and commercials, having written the corporate theme “The Well” for Wells Fargo Bank in 2012. More recently he contributed music to be used in a documentary on palm reading, “Untapped: Your Life is in Your Hands”, due out later this year. He also wrote the original music for “Putting on Face”, an anthropological documentary about gender fluidity, which made the festival rounds in 2016, the film winning awards at both the San Antonio Film Festival and at F.I.F.E.Q. (The International Ethnographic Film Festival, the film screened in both the Quebec & Montreal showcases).

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All songs/recordings © & (P) Don MacBain / Don MacBain Publishing.