Wells Fargo Corporate Spot



Having had the good fortune to land as Producer for the corporate spots for Wells Fargo, I found myself equally lucky to gather a team of some of the sharpest and most talented artists and animators at Rhythm & Hues. When I shared with them a piece of piano music I had written that seemed to fit the overall feel for the visuals, I received nothing but encouragement. I spent a few late nights and a long weekend roughly orchestrating that theme, and the team found it quite useful. An experienced producer knows never to show the client animation without some sort of rough track underneath. Usually that piece of ‘temp’ music is pulled from some favored movie soundtrack or a library. But I took the encouragement and initiative and it took only one visit with my rough tracks beneath the visuals. The client walked away wanting more of what they heard. So once that theme had locked with the images there was no going back!

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