Special Effects: Anything Can Happen

Segment Producer

Visual Effects

The feature film “Special Effects: Anything Can Happen” was a documentary produced by WGBH and distributed by Imax. It told the story of the evolution of motion pictures special effects methods up and through its present day, and was directed by longtime Lucasfilm collaborator Ben Burtt. I independently produced the “King Kong” stop-motion portion of the opening segment, where we placed a 16” articulated Kong puppet on a mythical skyscraper, amid a 1/32nd scale built out downtown San Francisco. We had wanted to place him on the iconic Transamerica Tower, but (being an insurance company) they refused to have their building shown in peril or catching fire. The piece was designed to fit well in the overall telling of the story of the many methods used in visual effects. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Yet another leg in my journey of learning the craft of special effects.

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