Fly Me To The Moon

Line Producer / Assistant Director


My involvement with this project was more on the periphery than most of my other endeavors with nWave Pictures and Ben Stassen (Producer/Director of this film, along with Illuminata Pictures). This is a 3D/Stereoscopic animated feature film, however the end credits contain a live-action cameo appearance by Buzz Aldrin (the Apollo 11 astronaut). I budgeted, put together, and was in charge of filming Buzz (or, as he likes to put it “the original Buzz” – alluding to the Disney character). I also served as Assistant Director for the shoot. Much later I was tasked with showing the finished product in Real D’s screening room to Harvey Weinstein, to see if the Weinstein Company wanted to be distributor. Add two – to my list of famous people enounters!

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