Shrek 3D



While I was at PDI Dreamworks we worked with IMAX Corporation to recreate a short portion of the animated feature “Antz” into 3D. This for a CG compilation movie called “Cyberworld”. This was well before 3D was commonplace and seeing this five minute segment in 3D was intriguing enough to lead us to starting down the road to converting the original “Shrek” into IMAX 3D. However only a hand full of sequences were completed before all hands were called on deck to work on Shrek 2. The conversion project was cancelled by the studio, but ultimately proved its usefulness. It showed the studio that 3D could work well for “Shrek” and instead of applying it to IMAX, they applied the technology to theme parks, where it was used for the 4D Shrek attraction at Universal.

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