Special Effects: Anything Can Happen

Segment Producer

The feature film “Special Effects: Anything Can Happen” was a documentary produced by WGBH and distributed by Imax. It told the story of the evolution of motion pictures special effects methods up and through its present day, and was directed by longtime Lucasfilm collaborator Ben Burtt. I independently produced the “King Kong” stop-motion portion of

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Starship Troopers

Production Supervisor

I was Production Supervisor for the Models and Miniatures Unit, as well as much of the spaceship Pyrotechnics on “Starship Troopers”. This is while I was at Sony Pictures Imageworks. This was one of the last big visual effects films to make extensive use of real models/miniatures. The finished feature film was a combination of

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Money Train

Production Manager

(Miniature Train Crash)

The train crash for the feature film “Money Train” could not have been done any other way, at the time, than with a smaller scale physical model with heft and weight, careening through a scaled down subway tunnel. Fortunately we also captured footage of the set-up, so you can get a sense of how the

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